Owner/Installation Manager: Jay Kennard (614) 989-5156
Arrival times:
A.M. Jobs – Installers usually arrive between 10 -11 am unless otherwise stated by Jay
P.M. Jobs – Installers will do their best to notify approx arrival times as they vary depending on how quickly the A.M. jobs goes.

Carpet Preparations:
Soft Step Carpet is happy to help you move furniture, if needed. Here are a few things you should do before we arrive:
• Remove personal items from area
• Take linens off the beds
• Disconnect electronics
• Empty book shelves and china cabinets
• Remove items from closet floors from the waist down

Soft Step Carpet will not remove:
• Electronics
• Gaming tables
• Pianos
• Clocks
• Certain bunk beds and lofts
• Water beds
• Sleep Number beds
• Art
Please make arrangements for these items prior to our arrival.

* Installers will Clean up but homeowners to expect to have some carpet remnants that will need to be vacuumed. Customers can expect a couple of weeks of normal Shedding.

Unless your rooms are less than 12ft or, in some cases, 15ft wide, your carpet will have seams. Seams can be noticeable on certain light colored and shorter carpets. Soft Step Carpet installers pride themselves on the tightest seams possible. Seam placement is determined to help place seams in the best appropriate spots.

Certain carpet tools need to be placed on walls to maximize a good stretch. This at times can leave minor scuffs. Homeowners will be responsible for touch-up paint, if required.

Carpet warranty is offered through the carpet mills. Please visit the following links for warranty specifics: